Parent Council





Chair: John Pope

Treasurer: Yvonne Killeen

Secretary: Tom Griffith




Class Representatives 

The parent council wishes to strengthen the partnership between parents and the school.
We’re looking for a parent from each class to put themselves forward for the role of Class Rep.
Essentially the role of the Class Rep would be to share news/requests from the Parent Council to parents via established WhatsApp or Facebook groups.
If you’re interested or would like to hear more information about the role please give your details to the office to be passed on to the Parent Council.
Huge thanks for your ongoing support.


Parent Council Meeting Dates 2024

Tuesday 23rd January, 6.30pm in the staff room.

Tuesday 5th March, 6.30pm in the staff room.

Tuesday 7th May, 6.30pm in the staff room.

Tuesday 4th June, 6.30pm in the staff room.

All are welcome!


Please find below the most recent Parent Council meeting minutes:

20240305 HoB Parent Council Minutes