Paying for care at home

Whether you have to pay for care at home depends on the type of support you need and your financial circumstances.

Aberdeenshire Council has eligibility criteria for care and support services. This is based around giving priority to those who are at the greatest risk of harm. It helps prioritise those people whose independence or wellbeing is most at risk, or who have the most urgent need for care.

Free personal and nursing care at home

Free personal and nursing care is available to all adults in Scotland who have been assessed by their local authority as eligible for these services.

The Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002 states that local authorities are not permitted to charge for personal care or personal support where a person has been assessed by the local authority as needing it, regardless of their age, condition, capital, or income.

Personal care can include support with: 

  • personal hygiene
  • general wellbeing, such as getting in and out of bed
  • simple medical treatments
  • preparation of food and diet

Nursing care is free to anyone assessed as needing it. In the community, this is usually done by a District Nurse.

More information about free personal and nursing care is available on the Scottish Government’s website.

Chargeable care and support at home

The amount you are expected to pay for care and support at home, which isn’t free personal care, depends on your financial circumstances.  A financial assessment is done to decide what you may need to contribute.

View Aberdeenshire Council’s charging policy. The policy also applies to tenants of sheltered and very sheltered housing.

Care at Home service

The Care at Home service provides support and practical help in your home. It is for people who need support to live independently at home. Care at Home services can help you with personal care, support at home, and practical support.

Care at home includes:

  • social activity or support either at home or in the community
  • domestic support
  • shopping for or with someone
  • providing food