Who might support you as your dementia progresses

The people you may come in contact with varies depending on the type of support you need. The support you may need depends on your circumstances and how your dementia affects you.

In Aberdeenshire, Health and Social Care is integrated. This means that health and social care services work together making sure all professionals involved in your care are able to give you the best possible advice, care, and support.

You may have contact with a variety of people. If more than one professional is involved in your support, it can be confusing to understand their different roles. To help you understand their roles some Aberdeenshire professionals have described what they do and how they can support you.

View a description for each role:

Allied Health Professionals

There are a variety of different health care professionals who contribute to dementia support. These are known as Allied Health Professionals.

They include:

Alzheimer Scotland’s website has more information about how Allied Health Professionals can help people living with dementia and their families.

Other professionals

You may need more practical support for your health and social care needs. In which case, you may get support from these professionals or teams: