Get involved in dementia research

Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network

The Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network (SDCRN) promotes clinical research in dementia across Scotland. It also aims to improve the recruitment of volunteers for research from urban and rural areas.

Scottish Dementia Research Consortium

The Scottish Dementia Research Consortium aims to support the development and expansion of high quality, coordinated, collaborative dementia research throughout Scotland. It is a membership based organisation. Membership is open to people with dementia, carers, and relatives with an interest in research, as well as researchers planning to start a project, or currently involved in the dementia research community.

More information on how you can get involved in dementia research is available on the Scottish Dementia Research Consortium website. 

NHS Research Scotland

NHS Research Scotland (NRS) supports and promotes excellence in clinical research in NHS Scotland, that will make a positive difference to patients’ health in Scotland, the UK and internationally.

Information about neuroprogressive and dementia research and how to take part is available on the NRS website.

Tissue donation for medical research

Much of what is known about the brain, how it works, and the treatments available to people with dementia, comes from research carried out using donated brain tissue. Both healthy and diseased tissue is valuable. Many people with dementia and their families are keen to help improve the understanding of dementia and help scientists find a treatment which will help future generations.

If you are interested in donating tissue for medical research, you should discuss your wishes with your family and others close to you. It is important that those close to you know your wishes if you choose to make a gift of donation. Find out and learn as much as you can about the gift before reaching a decision.

Aberdeen University Dementia Brain Bank (pdf) has more information about tissue donation and who to contact.